About Alexander

Alexander Millan was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and showed a interest in business from a young age. Alexander developed a great appreciation for real estate after his first trip to New York City. Over the following years, he spent most of his time learning the real estate business, and did a tremendous amount of research on the subject. At the age of 11, Alexander approached his father with the proposal of purchasing real estate. On the way home from a meeting they had with a family friend, who gave advice on how to purchase real estate and start developing. They passed a building that had just hit the market. Within a week, they had purchased the building. Alexander started working immediately. He worked after school, on the weekends, and basically whenever he possibly could; he always wanted to be involved. When Alexander was 13, his father’s blacktopping company began to pick up again, once the economy began to recover from its recession. Alexander was put in charge of the entire real estate division. The company had record rent-rolls over the course of his leadership. At the age of 14 after having multiple people inquire regarding a property management firm, Alexander recognized the need in the Scranton market and he formed a property management firm, which was a massive success.

Alexander graduated from North Pocono High School in 2015 and started his freshman year at Palm Beach Atlantic University, in Palm Beach, Florida later that year. Within his first two months of being in Palm Beach, Alexander founded Millan Real Estate Development, LLC. Alexander has ambitious plans for his company. He intends on turning MILLAN into a global brand.

Alexander wishes to use his success in business to further his philanthropic involvement with The Eric Trump Foundation, which benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Alexander serves on the Executive Board for The Eric Trump Foundation. Alexander has been involved with the foundation since the age of 14. Born with a cleft palate, Alexander underwent operation on his first birthday at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He has a deep attachment to children’s charities and is honored to be a part of The Eric Trump Foundation. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a world class children’s hospital located in Memphis, Tennessee. Alexander was drawn to help support St. Jude due to the fact that a patient’s family does not pay one penny in bills. It is very important to give back if you have the opportunity and Alexander is a firm believer of the principal.